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If you haven’t been invited to a spandex swim party then you have missed out on something that could actually change your life. Being invited to something like this isn’t just going to happen though so don’t take it too personally if you haven’t had an invite just yet. You have to be at the right place and know the right people in order to have something like this handed to you for the most part. It does help if you are seen wearing spandex swimwear out in public though since most people inviting for these types of parties will see that you are willing to have some fun.

You just have to understand that the spandex swim suits that you will need to wear to a party like this aren’t the type you would wear in public. If you are okay with wearing something like that then you are probably going to enjoy one of these parties even more. Putting yourself on display is something that you might not be used to but you will be by the end of that party for sure.

Join the spandex swim fun! This site is all about men's spandex swimwear. Skin tight sexy designs that show off a man's body. Men's swimwear designs created to excite and stimulate the senses.
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Spandex Swim

We are all about hot men's spandex.

Spandex Swim entails a huge selection of styles and designs including men's swimwear, men's workout wear, men's tights and leggings and men's spandex swim shorts. Whether you are shopping for a men's bikini swimsuit or a skin tight pair of awesome leggings we can help. Maybe you are looking for the perfect form fitting spandex Lycra thong swimsuit for your next vacation, maybe you are ready to go full on micro and try a barely there G-string or the world's smallest men's swimsuit styles the pouch only designs.